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Hi! Welcome to my page. This is just exercise in making a clear, usable, concise place for people to explore and for me to vomit my interests out. Always under construction. This will be decorated more as time goes on.

Needa contact me?
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What is an internet

You might say it's whatever you remember it to be. Surfing the web is a lot different than what it was back when our 90's forefathers (and theirs) browsed the web. There's a stripped down, sterile feeling that most of the web's top websites have now—and by being on this page, a different hand-made page, or making your own, you're directly helping to ensure there's always freedom of expression online. There's no such thing as originality, but there is such a thing as inspiration!! If you get even a little inspiration from this page and take that with you, then I'm glad to have offered something to the web, and you. And on that note, thanks for visiting :o)
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Who is me

I'm just a dude who sometimes makes stuff. Occasionally I'll get the need to make website stuff 8) so I made this website. I have a separate neocities page, my first attempt, that's for the most part a mess from last year. I've since learned a lot and hopefully I'll learn even more with this site, making sure it's compatible with any screen anyone could be viewing it on, or at the very least, have more substance over style first and foremost.

       When it comes to making things I for the most part stick with digital art. However, I DO like the front-end of web development, and like the freedom in that technologically speaking. If you wanna see my art, feel free to check it out on my Sheezy linked above in the nav bar. Sometimes I DIY fix my own clothes, make my own patches, band or otherwise, and am working on a vest n pair of patch pants right now as offline projects.
       Otherwise I'm into video games, music, and general alternative (punk, scenemo, what have you) stuff. I'm an enthusiast of body mods; I do my own shitty stick n pokes on occasion, and got a few facial piercings. I'm currently at 23mm for my stretched ears, and my long term goal is as far as my lobes'll take me. In terms of video games I love all kinds, and am part of a few online worlds like Gaia Online, Everskies, and many more.

       Lastly, I believe in not only a free web, but free shit too. Most of us can't afford to live, let alone things like music, movies, games, ect., and the things we can and do buy aren't really ours as digital consumers. That's why I'm firm in encouraging anyone, including you, to take whatever you want from this site; whether it's information, inspiration, pictures, code, whatever. The web isn't forever and archiving and sharing is the best thing you can do to help preserve it. Besides that, you can check out my UNDER CONSTRUCTION "Pirating and YOU" page above to see some basics on how to get what you want and not give a shit. There's also a list of things, especially for artists, that may come in handy if you're interested.
       Similarly, you can check my UNDER CONSTRUCTION "My Soulseek" page above to see what I've got stored and am sharing there at the moment. If you have questions or want help acquiring something directly, feel free to email me or message me through the contact info at the top!
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 5/3/2024 | Added contact info, "Guestb00k" page, and 404 page
 5/2/2024 | Implimented "REDACTED". Added linked WEBRINGS to footers.
 5/1/2024 | Added "Where are we" page, and other small additions
4/30/2024 | Site construction underway